Robbers Roost Men's Group


Group Conscience Minutes

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Attendees: Rich, Ken, Kelly, Russ, Craig


Secretary review of last meeting minutes (Don): Not Present

Representative Reports: 

         Celebration Cakes (John B):

o    No Update

         Clean Up (Rich): 

o    All is well

         Coffee (Ken C): 

         GSR (Craig B):

o    Flyers for numerous events from spring assembly

o    Gas for Craig totals $16.00

o    Next spring assembly is in Longmont

         Inter-Group (Russ): 

o    No Update

         Literature (Larry ): 

         Secretary (Don S): No Update

         Treasurer (Doug H): 

o    No Update

         Open Positions:


         Old Business:

o    get our meeting posted in the local Inter-Group printed meeting list:

  Ken spoke with the new CO admin, gave Arlene, and gave her a RR card.

  We should be in the next schedule printing

o    Larry to work with Craig on group service commitment opportunities like Adult Rehab meeting, Sunday's at 8PM.

o    Bill, the District Inter-group Outreach Chair:

o    Need Central Office volunteers:

  Answer phones

  Newsletter folding

  Contact Arlene between 11 AM and 1 PM



         New Business:

o    Robbers Roost Reunion, July 4th weekend


         A/I Status:

o    Closed Action Items: 

  ask Scotty on 164 versus all (appendices) in format Big Book reference: Scotty says entire Big Book is approved literature, so OK to use.

  Don to update the Format


o    Open Action Items:

  Treasurer to pay Sister Carmen quarterly after expenses and $200 prudent reserve met, and put receipt in Mr Imel's office.

  Doug to create a summary report for GC meetings.

  Don to get TAX-ID number so a checking account can be opened.

  Russ to follow up on our request for IG to post our meeting in the area meeting schedule.

  Larry to re-stock our literature, especially Big Books and 12x12's.