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Group Conscience Minutes

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Attendees: Ken, Dave, Jamie, Craig, John, Russ, Cheston, Don, Rich


Secretary review of last meeting minutes (Don):

Representative Reports: 

         Celebration Cakes (John B):

o    Going fine

o    $16 per cake


         Clean Up (Rich): 

o    Smooth


         Coffee (Ken C): 

o    More coffee next month


         GSR (Craig B):

o    Will present district meeting info next month

o    State convention has service opportunities


         Inter-Group (Russ): 

o    Literature cost at central office going up: BB +$2, 12x12 +$1

o    Bridging the gap (jail/rehab to meetings) needs support.

o    Central Office needs volunteers

o    Boulder central office is running the state convention literature table, needs volunteers, call CO

o    Register for the state convention, check service box if interested


         Literature (OPEN ):  Ken is temp

o    Stocked

         Secretary (Don S):

o    Minutes Updated

o    Phone list updated

         Treasurer (OPEN):  Don is temp

o    To pay out in quarterly contributions:

1.      total = $376.49 - $276 PR = $100.49

2.      1/3 for Sister Carmen = $33.50

3.      Remainder divided by 4 for District-24, Area-10, GSO, and IG = $16.75 each

         Open Positions:

o    Treasurer: Don

o    Literature: Ken

o    Coffee: Dave

o    Secretary: Cheston

o    Group Service Coordinator: Rich


         Old Business:

o    Group service commitment opportunities

  Motion: Rich to coordinate RR group attendance at Thursday 6:30 PM Open Coed ARC meeting, once per month: PASSED


         New Business:

o    Reduce Cake Budget, Russ will help John find budget cakes.

o    RR anniversary picnic: Sunday July 19th at Waneka Lake park. John to coordinate. Don to email notice, and print flyers.


         A/I Status:

o    Closed Action Items: 

  Don to print RR Birthday BBQ flyer and email invitations

  Don to pay quarterly contributions

  Craig to ask Bruce and Stephan to attend our mtg to discuss service opportunities

o    Open Action Items:

  Don to add Craig and Ken as signers on RR checking account