Robbers Roost Men's Group
Group Conscience Minutes
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Attendees: Ken, Cheston, Don, Rich, Jerry

Secretary review of last meeting minutes (Cheston):

Representative Reports: 

·         Celebration Cakes (John B):


·         Clean Up (Rich): 

o    Fine


·         Coffee (Dave): 

o    More Coffee has been purchased. All’s well.


·         Group Service Coordinator (Rich):

o   See Old Business


·         GSR (Craig B):



·         Inter-Group (Russ): 



·         Literature (Ken )

o    Central Office sent new meeting schedule to print

·         Secretary (Cheston):

o    Minutes Updated


·         Treasurer (Don): 

o   Quarterly contributions mailed

o    Sister Carmen contribution receipt given to Ray Imel



·         Old Business:

 o    Discussed ARC meeting on Thursdays, Invitations printed. Looking forward to seeing us there.



·         New Business:



·         A/I Status:

o    Closed Action Items: 




        o  Open Action Items:

  §  Don to add Craig and Ken as signers on RR checking account