Robbers Roost Men's Group
Group Conscience Minutes
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attendees: Rich, Ken, Craig, Don, Russ

Secretary review of last meeting minutes (Don proxy):

Representative Reports: 

         Celebration Cakes (John B):


         Clean Up (Rich): 

o    All is well


         Coffee (Dave): 


         Group Service Coordinator (Rich):

o   ARC Meeting next Tuesday


         GSR (Craig B):



         Inter-Group (Russ): 

         No longer can fulfill this position.



         Literature (Ken )

o    Will get more Big Books, 12x12s, and Schedules

         Secretary (Cheston):


         Treasurer (Don): 

o   Next month will pay Quarterly contributions.



         Old Business:

o    ARC Meeting: Don to email list with reminder early the 2nd week of each month



         New Business:



         A/I Status:

o    Closed Action Items: 




o Open Action Items:

         Don to email list ARC Meeting reminder early the 2nd week of each month

         Don to add Craig and Ken as signers on RR checking account