Robbers Roost Menís Group

Group Conscience Minutes



Attendance: Rich, Michael G., Ken C., Jerry K., Craig B., Dave W., Don S., Larry K.

-Meeting is opened with the Serenity Prayer


-Brief Reports:

Craig(GSR)- Attended most recent District meeting.He discussed with the group the topic of the next District workshop(ďFinding Balance in RecoveryĒ).

Jerry(Intergroup Rep.)- Discussed that Central office still needs a full-time Office Manager and there are talks of making it a half-time position.Requested a contribution from the group for the Foundersí Day picnic in Longmont.

Don(Treasurer/Web Coordinator)- discussed making the monthly deposit for the group and writing quarterly checks for Area, Group, District, GSO, Pink can, and rent to Sister Carmen.He also updated group meeting format and announcements.

Larry(Cleanup)- Nothing to report

Rich(Group Services Coordinator)- Nothing new to report.

Ken(Lit. Rep.)- Nothing new to report.

Dave(Coffee&Setup)- Will pick up more coffee for next week.

Kelly(Phone-List Coordinator)- not present.

Old Business:

  1. The group discusses the fact that the Pink Can surpasses our other contributions and that it should be separate or in-addition-to.A motion was put forward make an announcement during the meeting about the Pink Can being separate.It was seconded and passed.
  2. Don makes a motion to reduce Prudent Reserve from $276.00 to $200.00.It was seconded and passed.
  3. Dave stated that heís had the Setup position for over a year and is going to start making announcements at meeting if anyone is interested in the position.
  4. Open Group Positions: Alt. GSR, Web Coordinator, and Lit. Rep. Coffee/Setup- Michael stands for position and it is forwarded, seconded, and passed.
  5. Craig updates group on the writing of our groupsí history.He is doing research and will visit the other Robbers Roost meeting for notes and history.He will bring in a hard copy of history group.

New Business:

  1. Contribution to Foundersí Day Picnic of $25.00 is discussed.The group agrees and a motion is forwarded, seconded, and passed.
  2. Group discusses whether or not to invite Randy(Bridge the Gap) to our meeting so he can make an announcement asking for volunteers to sign up.
  3. Group discusses having a picnic for its 2-year Anniversary.Group puts forward a motion and itís seconded and passed to be at Waneka Park on July 10(Sat.) from 1pm-4pm and will be potluck.