Robbers Roost Menís Group

Group Conscience Minutes



Attendance: Craig B, Don S, Ken C, Bob K, Larry, Dave W

-Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer


-Brief Reports

Craig(GSR)- Attended Area Assembly, will get a summary report. Grapevine was the hot topic, no decisions. Grapevine feedbacl forms being collected.

Jerry(Intergroup)- not present

Don(Literature)- BB, 12x12, schedules re-stocked.

Larry(Clean-up)- Nothing to report.

Rich(Group Services Coordinator)- not present

Ken(Treasurer)- Got balance check from Don to open new account. Will reimburse Craigís assembly costs.

Michael(Coffee/Setup)- all is fine.

Kelly(Phone List Coordinator)- not present


Old Business:




New Business:





Newly Elected Positions:

Dave W.- elected to become groupís new Alternate GSR.

Ken C.- elected to become groupís new Treasurer.

Don S.- elected to become groupís new Literature Representative.


Action Items:

1.      Craig writing of our groupís history.

2.      Don to identify Group donation discrepancy with Area Assembly report, (

3.      Don to get payment details with RR Group number to Ken in September for October pay out.