Robbers Roost Menís Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 11/2/2010

Attendance: Craig B., Don S., Ken C., Ben B., Larry, Dave W., Jerry

-Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer



-    Ben B. (Stand-in Secretary): Read the October meeting minutes.  Meeting minutes were approved by the group.

-          Craig(GSR): All open service positions @ district were filled.

-          Jerry(Intergroup): did not attend intergroup.  There are lot's of service positions open for Intergroup for those interested.

-          Don(Literature): Big Books and 12/12s are in stock.

-          Larry(Clean-up): we are running low on cups.

-          Ryan(GSC):  not present. 

-          Ken(Treasurer): the group is healthy.  We paid $170 to Sister Carmen; $54 to each division.  Still have prudent reserve higher than anticipated.

-          Michael(Coffee/Setup): not present.

-          Kelly(Phone List Coordinator): not present.

-          Ben B.(Website Coordinator): Posted Sept. minutes.  Will post Oct. and Nov. minutes.

-     Dave W.(Alt GSR): Attended district elections. Looking forward to being RR GSR.

Old Business:

1.                  RR sponsorship of dinner at Area Assembly.  Dave W. is making salad for 300 people at his house.  Reports we are good to go.  Expecting to come under budget ($300).  Craig volunteers to check into taking leftovers to homeless shelter or carriage house.



New Business:

1.                  Don: would like to set aside $100 gift for Wano building owner and his wife.  Gift idea of a Dinner Gift Card.  Motion passed unanimous.


2.                  Craig: would like to do a clean up session on the Wano meeting room.  Craig will setup the date/time and ask for volunteers.  Motion passed unanimous


3.                  Jerry: Looking for Intergroup coverage given his upcoming schedule.



Action Items:

-          Don has action item related to new business item #1.

-     Craig has action item related to new business item #2.

Closed Action Items: