Robbers Roost Menís Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 12/7/2010

Attendance: C., Ben B., Dave W., Larry, Michael G., Ben C., Jerry K.

-Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer



-          Dave(GSR): Attended District Meeting and reported that the new budget was passed and that he made a motion to be reimbursed by District for the money spent to provide dinner at most recent Area Assembly.

-          Jerry(Intergroup): Would like to rotate out of his position.

-          Don(Literature): not present

-          Larry(Clean-up): nothing new to report.

-          Ryan(GSC): not present.

-          Ken(Treasurer): reported group still in good shape even after Area Assembly dinner mix-up.

-          Michael(Coffee/Setup): nothing to report.

-          Kelly(Phone List Coordinator): not present

-          Ben B.(Website Coordinator): Posted Oct./Nov. min. and will post Dec.  minutes when he gets them.


Old Business:



New Business:

1.                  Dave will not ask Robbers Roost for the rest of Area Assembly dinner/food money he is still owed and will wait and see what the District decides next month after putting forth a motion to be reimbursed by them instead.

2.                  Group discusses Central Office manager needing info and rapport with

Group/GSC about the central office commitment.  Larry volunteers to modify our phone list, make it into a PDF file, and email it to Ben B.(Website Coordinator.  Ben B. will then post it to Robbers Roost website.  Motion was put forth and unanimously passed.