Robbers Roost Menís Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 3/1/2011


Attendance: Dave W., Mike R., Larry, Ben B., Ben C., Kelly, Craig, Don, Al

-          Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer

-          Intros



-          Dave(GSR): Craig filled in for Dave(Out Sick) and attended the most recent District Meeting.He reported they discussed ad-hoc committee meeting about issue of Anonymity in Internet/Social Media.He also mentioned that the Archives committee is publishing interviews they had with local old-timers in AA and there are standing committees in district looking for new volunteers.

-          Don(Literature/Intergroup Rep.): picked up new pamphlets for literature box.Attended most recent Intergroup meeting where they discussed possible answering service for Central Office, Central Office also looking for volunteers to help do stock inventory, Message editor looking for new stories from AA members.

-          Larry(Clean-up): donated trash bags and sponges to the group.

-          Ryan(GSC): not present.

-          Ken(Treasurer): Craig filled in and gave report.

-          Michael(Coffee/Setup): Craig filled in and nothing new to report.

-          Mike R.(Phone List Coordinator): bringing in updated list next week.

-          Ben B.(Website Coordinator): will post Feb. minutes and get PDF from Larry and post it as well.


Old Business:

  1. Don volunteers to stand for open Intergroup position, motion is put forward, voted on, and passed to have him step into the position.Closed
  2. Don puts motion forward to create a group P.I. coordinator position, it is seconded and passed.Closed
  3. Group discusses editing format for announcing open positions. Closed

†††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

New Business:

  1. Group discusses moving contributions ahead one month to be in line with GSO which would be the 3rd month of every quarter so our meeting will be listed on the Quarterly Report regularly.
  2. Craig will talk to Ryan(GSC) about fulfilling his position.


Open positions: P.I., CPC, Corrections, Treatment, Clean-Up, Secretary(Ben B. has filled), Archives(Ben C. has filled), Grapevine, Alt. GSR


Action Item: Craig will talk to Ken about confirming payment of contributions by 1st week in April.