Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 8/2/2011


Attendance:  Ken, Michael, Dave, Don, Craig, Larry, Mark, Eric

·            Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer

·            Intros

·            July Minutes approved



·            Dave(GSR):

o    Attended July 18 District 24 meeting:

§  Shared RR fund re-allocation to increase Central Office donations (50:30:10:10).

§  Discussed more InterGroup participation from groups

§  Question if we want an Ad-Hoc committee rep to attend out meeting to discuss anonymity/social-media (see New Business)

o    Summer Area Assembly:

§  Numerous GSR/DCM meetings and committee reports (see reports handouts for details)

§  State convention upcoming, chair elected

§  2012 Summer A-10 assembly is July 15, 2012 in Grand Junction

§  2013 Summer A-10 assembly at the Denver Marriott

§  High Country newsletter now available via email

§  Bi-Lingual support needed to help translate, contact linguistics committee

§  Web Help/Coordinator needed

§  Treatment workshop upcoming

§  Corrections conference upcoming

§  Area-10 workshop will be supported. Seed money in place.

§  The National AA Archives workshop is Sept 19-27, 2013

§  Liability policy passed, for finance committee officers

§  Fixed annual area-10 assembly weekends was not adopted.

·            Don(Intergroup): 

o    July 26 IG Meeting:

§  Reported our picnic was a success

§  Reported RR fund re-allocation to increase Central Office donations (50:30:10:10), thanks to RR

§  Asked for suggestions for a RR group inventory moderator (see NB)

§  Asked Bridging-The-Gap coordinator to contact Eric

§  On-line central office volunteer signup not adopted. Requests for more consistent CO volunteer scheduling, but RR is “Awesome”.

§  Boulder-Vine stories solicited

§  State Convention in Loveland, Sept 9-11

§  Preliminary 2012 budget looks good

§  Night Watch now allows forwarding to long-distance area codes.

§  District-34 DCM announced upcoming workshop on sponsorship

§  Spanish speaking AAs needed for 12-step call list.

·            Larry(GSC):

o    Larry to call 2 days prior to remind.

·            Ken(Treasurer):  

o    Quarterly payout: Sister Carmen-$38, Central Office-$38, GSO-$13, Area-10-$13, District-24-$12, Area-10 Corrections-$128. 

·            Michael(Coffee/Setup):

o    Coffee replenished

o    1 pot for summer meetings

·            Craig(Cake/CPC/Phone List Coordinator):

o    Will attend next CPC meeting

·            Eric(Bridging The Gap):

o    Trying to contact Ginny, sent paperwork.

·         Mark(Corrections/Literature):

o    Eric also now attending jail meetings

o    Books and pamphlets updated

o    Let him know if other literature is wanted

o    Will get new schedule version recently printed


Old Business:

·            None


New Business:

·         Do we want a District-24 Ad-Hoc committee rep to attend out meeting to discuss anonymity/social-media? NO.

·         Bill W has offered to moderate a RR Group Inventory. He says 2-4 hours. A Saturday at 9 AM works. See AA group pamphlet for agenda suggestions, long version of 12 Traditions is common format. Don to make copies of AA Group pamphlet GI questions to hand out.

·         Ice coffee next meeting? Michael will bring some to evaluate.


Open Service Positions:

·            Craig stands for CPC: accepted unanimous.

·            Tim stands for Archives: accepted unanimous.

·            Mark stands

·            Open Positions: Alt GSR, Grapevine, PI, Treatment


Action Items:

·            Don: update the list of open positions

·            Don: provide descriptions of all service positions to be posted on web-site (Ben)

·            Don: copy AA Group pamphlet Group Inventory questions for RR group to evaluate.

·            Craig: Mike/Craig are going to share verifying the phone list