Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 3/5/2013

Attendance: Erik, Larry, Ted, Mirz, Bob, Michael, Mark, David, Craig, Chris, Dave, Jeff

• Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer
• Intros
• February Minutes approved.


Ted (GSR): D24 Feb. meeting attended; lot of talk, little content; volunteers needed to go to prisons (different forms to be filled; talk to Ted if interested); secretary announced, then resigned; new spring assembly March 21-23 2014; area conference March 22-24 (go to; issue: making Doctor’s Opinion pamphlet for people not in AA (health providers, recovery centers, hospitals); GSO not sure if they want to do it (failed in Washington in 1989); the idea is ‘only to include Doctor’s Opinion and not to change it’.
Michael (Treasurer): Copy of Treasurer’s report provided: State of finances is sound; Cash deposit $596.00 on March 4th; Current balance $825.00; rent paid through April. Available Funds: $375.00; Prudent reserve increased to $450 based on Feb.
RR-GC meeting; $12.00 donated to Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Larry (IGR): Central office (CO) lock box code changed; won’t give out the code tonight; Sat. Night Jive looking to sponsor workshops (w/ALANON); new management at the ARC (not as friendly); D24 in bidding process for the convention; got someone to work on “the message” (take a look; anonymity); RR success: a) RR dudes will go to any length to stay sober, and b) phone calls to remind people of their commitments; RR has strong presence at CO (Monday nights “mini-meeting” there); issue w/ forwarding calls to CO during night watch; CO- person who comes in at 11 – to answer phones: from 7-11 no one can answer; IG: volunteer on Sat – quick ring- call being forwarded; discussion on phone call management – should be a part of
training; 36% or 67/186 shifts are covered;
Mike (GSC): not here; doing a great job!
Marc (Night Watch): not much to report; doing a great job!; went to corrections committee meeting; not enough people going in; create a web page – volunteer form available through Sheriff’s office; easier to get the info; effort to create 2 more meetings; inmates at cusp of getting out – important audience; if they hit a meeting after getting out- chances of recovery bigger; desire to stop drinking does not last very long; Spanish speaking meeting;
Craig (PI): checking on literature rack at Sister Carmen – not many takes of literature; Don made cards with RR info (time and place); put the card into brochures; template on website; Erik will provide the cards; Erik will assist with cards;
Dave (Phone list): no phone list to call out; nothing new;
Jeff (literature rep.): nothing to report
David (website coordinator): website up and running; phone list upload; will upload new minutes; will seek help from Don S. to re-show him how to do it;
Old business: 1) Expanding presence at the CO: Ted: RR does great; find out the need first; Dave: agrees, quality over quantity; Mark: 1st expand service commitment to Thursday;

2) Sending Ted to Area Assembly at RR expense: dates that work for Ted; RR pays;

Motion passes; 3) Sister Carmen: will now start unlocking the chain at Sister Carmen for easier access to Thursday night meeting;

New business: none

Open Service Positions: Larry interested in archives; open: clean up (2 people to do that); coffee/setup; CPC open; Grapvine rep. open; Alt GSR open (Ted working on finding someone)

Action Items: 1) Larry: get a hold of Mary (CO) and see what shifts are available; 2) Mirz: talk to Mark or Bruce at Centennial Peaks about ‘attracting’ men to RR; 3) talk to Don to get documents and update service positions; 4) Craig will talk to Sister Carmen and get permission about unlocking the chains