Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 4/2/2013

Attendance: Ted, Jeff, Ari, Mirz, Michael, Craig, Don, Larry, Larry K., Mike, David, Mark, Damon

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer
• Intros
• March minutes approved with tiny revisions (Larry changed to Larry K., Mark to Marc, IG to IGR)


Ted (GSR): attended area assembly (3rd week in March); collected $137.05 in expenses from RR; opportunities for “delegate conference”; current budget state; Durango was voted for spring assembly; mock conference – Ted assigned to finance committee; increased expenses for GSO for delegates to attend GSO in New York ($9000 or $7000/delegate) – $0.5 million or more for sponsoring; area contribution discussion (based on %); packets sent out (info request) – 7th tradition, evaluated completeness –Ted: looks good; La Vina – money toilette – it might be discontinued;
7th trad. discuss.: areas ceasing to be self-supporting; alt. methods to keep 7th trad.
alive; D24 meeting on 3rd Monday: elected new secretary (50/50 split); D34:
founder’s day picnic (monetary/volunteer support encouraged); Colorado model, D24 model; SW CO – not great; Summer Assembly in Leadville – budget in discussion;
Michael (Treasurer): copy of Treasurer’s report provided: state of finances sound;
$137 paid to GSR for Colo. Springs reimbursement; $1075 closing balance; available Funds: $621.00; Formula set: pink can – area 10 corrections, 1/3 basket to Sister Carmen, 50% IG, 30% District 10 area; 10% GSO.
Larry K. (IGR): Don covered; IGR meeting- Mary (CO) – Wed/Thu shifts open; D34 – table at Mead Night Health Care; D34 founder’s day picnic 6/9 (http://; IG considering new service position: 12th step call list coordinator - RR GC agreed unanimously this is good;
Mike (GSC): doing great on Monday night shifts; proposing Wed. night 5-7pm shifts; ends up always being same guys (e.g. Gino 50% of shifts); pick up another shift- our credibility may go down;
Marc (Night Watch): not here;
Craig (PIR): Ned Health Fair 4/13 (8:30 am- noon), couple of people interested, will announce at next meeting; Sister Carmen lit. rack – some traffic, still has some lit.; stand-by call list – people participate in panels - express interest;
Dave (Phone list): not here;
Jeff (literature rep.): nothing to report
David (website coordinator): Feb. mins uploaded; all good
Old business: 1) Don talked to Mary (CO) about new shift availability; 2) Mirz: talked to Bruce at Centennial Peaks about ‘attracting’ men to RR; 3) Craig talked to Sister Carmen to unlock gate

New business: Don and Craig will reach out to Thursday night RR for covering new shifts at CO; having alternate positions for Thu. Night RR (provide a sign up sheet for Thu. night RR group); Mirz - updating documents in the folder (service positions, etc.); Don and Craig will provide cards for Centennial Peaks with their names and contact info and RR info; AA

meeting at Naropa; Don – contact Ross (build. man.) to get more yellow chairs at RR Tue. Night meeting - space an issue;

Service Positions filled: Larry - archives (voted in unanimously); Damon - coffee/setup; Jeff

- alternate GSR (voted in unanimously)

Open Service Positions: gate-keeper (Sister Carmen); open: clean up (2 people to do that); CPC open; Grapvine rep. open; Thu. night positions for CO shift coverage;

Action Items: Ari to get more tea; Don/Craig to announce service positions at Thu. night RR; Mirz to update documents (e.g. service positions in the folder); Don to contact Erik about provision of cards; Don will contact Ben to get template of announcements;