Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 5/7/2013

Attendance: Ted, Jeff, Mirz, Michael, Craig, Larry K., Mike, David, Damon

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer
• Intros
• April minutes approved


Ted (GSR): district meeting cancelled due to snow; nothing to report.
Michael (Treasurer): copy of Treasurer’s report provided: remaining balance $0.06; Thursday night rent May-July paid ($250); Pink can area corrections (5/5) paid ($280.06); Sister Carmen (5/5) paid ($177.83); Boulder County CO (5/5) paid (180.05); D24 5/5 paid ($108.30); Colorado Area Committee paid ($36.10); GSO (5/5) paid ($36.10)
Larry K. (IGR): The Message provided at GC (Jen, new person in charge, go-getter); Jen editor of the Message is looking for suggestions – let Larry K. know; to get the Message – register with Central office to have it sent; IGR to set up 12th step calling committee (talking for ~year); shipping charges increased for literature – need to figure out the effects of that; Founder’s Day picnic 6/9 3pm– looking for a female speaker at the meeting; Bridge the Gap – town hall type meeting with a meet and greet format; D34 mock PI panel: sat down, other alcoholics ask them questions; Grapevine rep needed;
Mike (GSC): all good for the sign up; wants to turn over the GSC position; make announcement at the meeting;
Marc (Night Watch): not here;
Craig (PIR): Ned Health Fair was a success, 7 guys showed up, very few people came to talk to the booth; gave literature to ALANON guy – son getting out of treatment, the guy was grateful; Sister Carmen literature rack – full, not much traffic; people expressing interest in panels – Boulder Community housing – one guy showed up
with 3 panelists (little meeting) – talked about getting a meeting started at the facility
Dave (Phone list): not here;
Jeff (literature rep.): nothing to report
Jeff (Alt. GSR): missed the meeting due to snowy conditions
Damon: suggested to get Ty to clean up on Thursday night
David (website coordinator): March minutes uploaded; all good

Old business: 1) Don and Craig reached out to Thursday night RR for covering new shifts at CO; having alternate positions for Thu. Night RR (provide a sign up sheet for Thu. night RR group); 2) Mirz – updated documents in the folder (service positions, etc.); 3) Don and Craig provided cards for Centennial Peaks with their names and contact info and RR info;

4)Don – contact Ross (build. man.) to get more yellow chairs at RR Tue. Night meeting; New business: Mirz to update open positions document and make literature rep and GSC avaialable; will have a quick GC on Thursday to vote Ty in for Thursday night clean up Open Service Positions: literature rep, GSC, CPC open; Grapevine rep. open; Thu. night positions for CO shift coverage;

Action Items: Mirz to update open service position documents