Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 8/6/2013

Attendance: Gino, Rich, Don S., Ted, Marc, Damon, Larry K., Michael G., Craig, Michael, Mirz

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer
• Intros
• July minutes approved


Ted (GSR): attended district monthly meeting and Area Assembly; district: dissolving of Grapevine committee – important to AA as a whole; whether or not district were to sponsor for different positions at area level; area assembly: budgetary assembly; projections – came up short if we keep going as is, state delegate -> GSO New York – nothing monumental to report; Trustees (sober trustees) voted in; committee reports
– conduct Grapevine on spiritual level; special needs and wheelchair access to meetings; web chair: topic – anonymity in digital age – linking district websites to
area website; PI: check around libraries for the Big Book – they are being stolen; 2014
Conference in Colorado Springs; finance add/travel; high country news; May 10th fire
- archives in Denver (lost couple of computers) – great emergency response; area: whether to have recorded meetings – anonymity issue; D24 – voted down on bid for the conference listing- D11 Aurora gets it
Michael (Treasurer): copy of Treasurer’s report provided: statement balance as of
7-24: $892.10; no checks outstanding; prudent reserve $450.00; pending deposit
$606.00; available balance $1048.10; Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund - $15 donated specifically for this purpose.
Don S. covered for Lary K. (IGR) and reported at RR GC: treasure report CO; consolidate 12th step list – committee lead – sheets to fill out and turn back in; The Message sent out this week – can get it over email (Boulder AA website to sign up);
1-3pm Friday CO clean-up; looking Sat 1-7pm day watch; Grapevine; New Year’s dance – want feedback;
Gino (GSC): August filled; will have more openings in the fall
Marc (Night Watch): in good shape, people sign up;
Craig (PIR): literature at S. Carmen (English/Spanish) - try to find a better place for these; District meeting cancelled
Dave (Phone list): n/a
Damon (Thu. night gate keeper; Coffee/Setup/Cleanup): all is well.
David (website coordinator): n/a
Ari (Alt. GSR; Tue. night coffee): n/a
Rich: RR meeting in Longmont; closed men’s meeting – explore get support; regional inputs; probably Wed. night; get support from RR group

Old business: i) Larry K. contacted Jen (The Message) and addresses were added; ii) RR picnic; iii) Don S. unanimously voted to be our RR group representative at the national level RR; Ari unanimously voted as new alternative GSR.

New business: 1) whether to have New Year’s dance – involvement, ideas, service – let Don

S. know; 2) Michael voted as Thur. night GSC; 3) discuss positions; 3) 12th step lists – out of

date; 4) RR meeting in Longmont; whether to move Thu. night meeting to the same facility as Tue. night meeting (cheaper);

Open Service Positions: literature rep, CPC; Grapevine rep.; Thu. night service for CO shift coverage; Tuesday night coffee and set-up.

Action Items: announce at Thu night meeting that it might move- vote next GSC;