Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 2/4/2014

Attendance: Ted, Michael G., David, Aaron, Dave, Jeff, Larry M., Marc, Damon, Brandon, Kelly

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer


January minutes approved


Ted (GSR): D24 meeting attended; discussed treatment groups + sponsor meetings; need district level – Grapevine rep.

Michael G. (Treasurer): statement balance as of 1-27-2014: $429.54; check #1022 (Lafayette Masonic Temple – rent) $250 outstanding; deposit pending ($351.00); prudent reserve ($45); available balance ($80.54); Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund $155.00

Gino (Tue. night GSC): n/a

Jeff (IGR): Inner Group meeting on 2/3: treasurer service position open; newsletter Message; position outreach – 1st year coordinator; whether RR could expand CO service to other nights; status of IG with IRS; professionally taking care of finances?; questions about responsibility (treasurer v. paid services); Jeff volunteered to be on the committee for IRS; 12th step list consolidation – 12th step list committee formed

David (website coordinator): n/a

Larry M. (Archives): questionnaire has been put together; handed out at RR meetings; response has been great; will look at responses

Mark (literature rep.): n/a

Mikael (Thu. night GSC): all good; adjusted sign up sheet for Monday and Wednesday

Marc (Night Watch): all is well

Craig (PIR): no public info meeting and no upcoming meeting scheduled; person rotated out and no one in place yet

Dave (Phone list): phone list is up to date; no changes

Damon (Tue Coffee/Setup/Cleanup): all is well

Chris (Tue. night coffee): n/a

Old business: 1) Mark to order a case of Anniversary ed. books

New business: 1) Aaron voted in for secretary; 2) Mirz voted in for Alt. GSR; 3) 12 Step list- get a list of RR people who want to be on the new/updated 12th Step List; 3) Discussed whether Daniel Memorial Fund could be extended to a member of RR Group from Longmont;

Open Service Positions: CPC; Grapevine rep.; Thu. night coffee/clean-up

Action Items: get RR group 12th step list and contact sister carmen for 12th step list