Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 4/1/2014

Attendance: Ted, Dave, Aaron, Craig, David, Jeff, Mikael, Gabe

Intros & March minutes approved


Ted (GSR): Area assembly in Durango, cost $400 (2night stay). Did not attend Sunday session (was driving back). See Ted's notes for detail. Bringing back group history report to give to Larry. 12 step list was never addressed as 'ask it basket' item during assembly. Question about computers wasn't able to be brought up.

Michael G. (Treasurer): statement balance as of 3-25-2014: $811.54; deposit pending ($349.00);

prudent reserve ($450); available balance ($710.54); Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund $165.00. Funding GSR travel to area assembly.

Gino (Tue. night GSC): n/a

Jeff (IGR): Boulder looking for part time office manager - paid position, JD available on web. Current off manager (Mary) leaving end of May. New computer system is setup in office and adaptation to that is going smoothly. 12 step call list, one suggestion to help refreshing the 12 step list is to have folks call through the list and ask if people are still willing to participate. Election for intergroup treasurer, 2 people stood for it and Lynn was chosen. New bridge the gap chair was ratified. Upcoming workshop

about carrying the message for members of intergroup & open to public @ Sheperd of the HIlls Church. Positions still available: The message editor, Outreach. People from district committee gave
presentation to share more about what they do. There were three people from district. Example, they talked about their relationship w/ public. Reaching out to libraries to make sure they are stocked w/ big books. Relayed that anyone can participate in committee. Facilitate meetings through corrections & retirement facilities.

David (website coordinator): Feb minutes pending. Need to connect with Don to understand how to

encrypt and upload the phone list.

Larry M. (Archives): n/a

Mark (literature rep.): n/a

Mikael (Thu. night GSC): Service commitments going well. Brought up that if folks call in and ask for meetings out of area it would be helpful to have internet search or ability to lookup other meetings in CO. Some information is in print but internet access would be more ideal. Passing along feedback that Robbers Roost has been one of the most reliable groups for service commitments.

Dave (Phone list): all is well

Damon (Tue Coffee/Setup/Cleanup): n/a

Chris (Tue. night coffee): n/a.

Old business: 1) Aaron update open positions 4) Mikael offered up computers if needed, Ted will bring to


New business: 1) Ted: Make temporary budget oversight committee permanent 2) Mikael: Can we run a meeting with fewer distractions (clipboards) while still making service opportunities available? Motion to consolidate service clipboards into one and stop passing phone list clipboard but continue making announcement (Passed) 3) Fellowship of the spirit, what is best way to announce it?

Open Service Positions: CPC; PIR; Grapevine rep.; Thu. night coffee/clean-up

■ Night Watch coordinator Randy, Approved.
■ Gabe may be interested in Grapevine Rep.

Action Items:

• Aaron update open positions, Alt GSR

• Jeff talk to intergroup about internet access at office

• Add script to call folks on signup shee & verify that they are available for 12 step work