Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 5/6/2014

Attendance: Dave, Michael, Mark, Larry, David, Ted, John, Gabe, Randy, Craig

Intros & March minutes approved


Ted (GSR): Attended district last month. Sobriety 101 UMC M/W/F 12pm looking for members w/ strong sobriety. Mesa Vista meeting, looking for someone to take meetings in there. Discussions on area 10 guide. Went

over 3 district inventory topics, 1) discuss importance of different types of literature (tabled) 2) creation of e-ask- it-basket (approved) 3) June 14 70th anniversary celebration in Denver. More info at RR has contributed $204.96 to district.

Michael G. (Treasurer): Getting close to time to disperse. statement balance as of 4-24-2014: $753.54; deposit

5/7/14 ($419.00); prudent reserve ($450); available balance ($722.54); Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gino (Tue. night GSC): Thanks everyone for helping and providing service. Keep in mind we serve 8 days a month.

Jeff (IGR): Please spread word about workshop @ Sheperd of the Hills Church. (NEW) 3 strikes you're out if you aren't making service commitments - trying to find nice way to communicate this.

David (website coordinator): Access still down to website server but fixed yesterday. Will work on publishing tonight.

Larry M. (Archives): Will have document to review next month for "What can you expect coming to RR"

Mark (literature rep.): 3 of 20 books remaining from order. Books also available on AA world catalog, may want to keep a few in stock.

Mikael (Thu. night GSC): n/a

Randy (Nightwatch): Mark thanks everyone for their support.

Dave (Phone list): Phone list continues to get longer...

Damon (Tue Coffee/Setup/Cleanup): n/a

Chris (Tue. night coffee): n/a.

Old business: 1) Aaron update open positions

New business: 1) Mark: Keeping copy of 75th book, will not refresh after current stock is gone (Approved) 2) Do we give away copies of pocket edition book? (Approved) 3) Date for RR Picnic @ Wanneka Lake Sunday 7/13 11-2pm (Approved) 4) Group sponsor another Back to Basics - 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22 - Gabe to chair (Approved) 5) Create temporary position for Picnic coordinator (Approved) 6) Consolidate service position lists - Gino (Approved)

Open Service Positions:

■ 2014 Picnic Coordinator - Open
■ Public Information Rep - Open
■ CPC - Derrick (Approved)
■ Alt GSR - Craig (Approved)
■ Grapevine Rep - John (Approved)
■ Tuesday Cleanup - Brandon (Approved)
■ Thursday Coffee & Cleanup - Mark & Dan (Approved)

Action Items:

■ Mark - Contact members on list for 75th anniversary books, any books not wanted we sell.
■ Gabe - Chair back to basics on dates above
■ Michael - Update back to basics template for upcoming sessions
■ Gino - Consolidate Group Service Coordinator lists
■ Aaron - Update service positions