Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 7/1/2014

Attendance: Michael, Craig, Randy, Jeff, Mark, Mikael, Brandon, Chris, Aaron

Intros & June minutes approved


Ted (GSR): n/a

Craig (Alt GSR): Area assembly same weekend of picnic, coming up. At Red Lion in Denver so no need for funding..

Michael G. (Treasurer): Caught up with deposits and disbursements. Deposit 6/30/14 $660, Balance on

6/30/14: $1,378.54. Disbursements 7/1/14: Area 10 Corrections: $341, Sister Carmen: $333, Boulder County AA
Intergroup: $333.50, District 24 of CO: $200.10, Colorado Area Committee: $66.70, General Service Office:
$66.70. Balance after disbursements: $37.54. Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund: $165

Gino (Tue. night GSC): n/a

Jeff (IGR): n/a

Derrik (CPC): n/a

David (website coordinator): n/a

Larry M. (Archives): n/a

John (Grapevine): n/a

Mark (literature rep.): One remaining book sold. One remaining book that was here was already sold. Need to replenish hardcover big books.

Mikael (Thu. night GSC): No new report. Margaret asked if Rr would be interesting in picking up a Sunday shift (NEW Business)

Randy (Nightwatch): Filled up through July.

Dave (Phone list): Up to date.

Chris (Tue Coffee/Setup/Cleanup): All is well

Brandon (Tue Cleanup): Nothing new

Mark (Thu Coffee/Setup): n/a

Dan (Thu Cleanup): n/a

Old business: 1) Do we put one 75th anniversary book up for sale? (Withdrawn)

New business: 1) Discuss area treasurer budget oversight committe - perm or temp. Individuals familiar with this discussion were not present, move to add to next month's new business (Approved) 2) Do we pick up Sunday shift? Has been covered by Margaret for last 3 years. Mikael recommendation was not to pick up a 3rd day for this group to cover. Move to not cover shift (Approved)

Open Service Positions:

■ Public Information Rep - Open

Action Items: