Robbers Roost Men’s Group

Group Conscience Minutes: 8/5/2014

Attendance: Aaron, Dave, Chris, Michael, Mark, Mark, Mikael, Gino, Brandon

Intros & July minutes approved


Ted (GSR): Attended area assembly. Delegates report: cost of service @ 6.84 / member. 42.5% of groups contributing - literature sales pick up the rest. 95% membership support continuation of grapevine while only 5% subscribe. 2015

International convention in Atlanta GA. Temp budget and finance committee no longer temp, has been approved - 8-9 people working on it, will reduce group to 5 when backlog is down. Corrections conference on hold, going to redo guidelines as it's not a financially viable conference. Next year summer assembly going to Red Lion. District 25 covers entire state for Spanish speaking groups - 3 area level reps, difficult to have a presence anywhere. Decided to divide into two districts to localize reps.

District meeting: Discussion about cloud storage solution for archives, tabled due to cost. If interest could bring area delegate to meeting to give report. Significant change in the way jails are doing divisions. Cutting meetings in jails. (Mark: Phoenix unit disbanded and Transitions Unit was kept intact and both merged. Good aspect is that unit is exposed to meetings every night of week instead of 2 different units. Contemplative meditation class got discontinued.) Donations on the "birthday plan" would help cover costs.

Craig (Alt GSR): Still a need for sponsors in jails.

Michael G. (Treasurer): Balance 7/24/2014 $552.24 ; Deposit pending $286.00 ; Avail balance $388.24. Checks outstanding: CO Area Committee $66.70, Jamex Cox (speaker) $66.70 ; Balance $92.54 ; Daniel Memorial Scholarship

Fund $166.00

Gino (Tue. night GSC): no update

Jeff (IGR): n/a

Derrik (CPC): n/a

David (website coordinator): n/a

Larry M. (Archives): n/a

John (Grapevine): n/a

Mark (literature rep.): Hardcopies replenished & pocket editions. Marks term is up, need to open Literature rep.

Mikael (Thu. night GSC): no update

Randy (Nightwatch): n/a

Dave (Phone list): Phone list not being updated likely because it isn't being passed around. New - discuss passing around phone list at some interval. Position open as of Nov 1st.

Chris (Tue Coffee/Setup/Cleanup): All is well

Brandon (Tue Cleanup): Nothing new

Mark (Thu Coffee/Setup): n/a

Dan (Thu Cleanup): n/a

Old business:

New business: 1) Discuss area treasurer budget oversight committe (Solved at Area) 2) Discuss passing around phone list at some interval as it’s not being updated. Actions: Phone list coordinator will approach newcomers to make sure their name is on the list & they have a copy, also provide copy of pocket edition (Approved) 3) Building being put up for sale, need to consider another meeting place. Actions: Dave provide contact for Cairns Church, Don will call Ray, Aaron add item to meeting announcements 4) Add “Tuesday” to the group conscience announcement. Actions: Aaron add to announcements.

Open Service Positions:

■ Public Information Rep - Open
■ Literature Rep - Open
■ Phone List - Open Nov 1st

Action Items:

■ Dave provide contact for Cairns Church re: NB #3
■ Don to call Ray re: NB #3
■ Aaron add announcement about exploring new location re: NB #3
■ Aaron add Tuesday to GC announcement re: NB #4